Monday, September 15, 2008

Quark XPress 8.0 Installed

We are please to announce that we now have Quark XPress 8.0 installed across all of the machines in our design department and are ready to receive your jobs in the new version (or previous versions if required) and will be able to work with them. We can print both digitally to our digital printer or to an offset press. The benefit of digital of course is that Graphico Printing should be able to deliver your printed job in the Croydon area in the same day if we are given the artwork early in the day and there is no special finishing required.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

QuarkXPress 8 Roadshow

Quark, held a roadshow to showcase their new version of the industry leading professional DTP software, Quark XPress 8.0. Any professional printer should be able to open Quark documents, but at Graphico Printing, we like to be ahead of the competition, so to ensure we are able to meet the demands of our customers and their designers, we always like to run the latest versions of software available. On September 3rd 2008 the design team from Graphico Printing went to London to attend the Quark Roadshow where the latest version was demonstrated and our team were able to talk to Quark employees are learn directly from them about the new features in the latest version of Quark XPress. We purchased licences for Quark 8.0 to ensure all of our design computers are running the latest version as we saw benefits in the new release that will benefit us in terms of the speed we are able to produce jobs and our customers in ensuring we can open all of their jobs. We look forward to receiving your next jobs in Quark XPress 8.0 format.