Saturday, November 22, 2008

Recycling and the Environment

To ensure that we are as environmentally friendly as possible, Graphico Printing Limited has taken numerous steps.

We'd like to mention a few below:

1) We have changed our entire plate production system and cut out the constant use of hazardous chemicals. By installing our new Heidelberg Suprasetter to produce our plates, we now have a chemical free plate production process.

2) We have now introduced an internal paper recycling system whereby all internal paperwork and internal documentation is printed on off-cuts from press sheet wastage. As well as this, we no longer purchase jotting pads and instead only use press off-cuts.

3) We send to recycling any offcuts that cannot be re-used in other parts of the business.

4) We have now also got a large range of recycled paper in stock, so if you should choose recycled paper for your printed jobs, we can recommend which type of paper would help give you the same desired finish.

5) Where we have to use new paper internally, we ensure we use a recycled or sustainable paper.