Monday, August 18, 2008

How does a printer print to the edge?

Following on from the blog with the table of different paper sizes that are available, have you ever wondered how a printer can print to the edge of a piece of paper? The paper must need to be held or "gripped" from somewhere by the printing machine regardless of whether it is offset or digital, so how can the ink cover the whole page? The answer is that a printer will use one of the oversize paper types listed below. This allows the printer to print to an area larger than that final printed job and then cut it down to the correct size to give the desired look.

Name mm × mm in × in
DL 110 × 220 4.3 × 8.7
F4 210 × 330 8.3 × 13.0
RA0 860 × 1220 33.9 × 48.0
RA1 610 × 860 24.0 × 33.9
RA2 430 × 610 16.9 × 24.0
RA3 305 × 430 12.0 × 16.9
RA4 215 × 305 8.5 × 12.0
SRA0 900 × 1280 35.4 × 50.4
SRA1 640 × 900 25.2 × 35.4
SRA2 450 × 640 17.7 × 25.2
SRA3 320 × 450 12.6 × 17.7
SRA4 225 × 320 8.9 × 12.6
A3+ 329 × 483 12.9 × 19.0


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