Thursday, July 24, 2008

About Us

Graphico began back in 1975 by three brothers who were studying for their printing degrees. Through our hard work and determination, we have grown from strength to strength and come to be at the fore-front of the printing industry, as well as proving to be the backbone for many other companies that have started as a result of the experience gained at Graphico.

At Graphico we pride ourselves upon providing a dedicated service as well as high quality printing. We care about our clients needs and continually push ourselves to exceed our clients expectations. Currently the majority of our clients are in the hospitality industry, which suits us perfectly, as we fully understand their hunger for complete customer satisfaction.
Our long term relationships with customers has proved invaluable, and has helped them reduce in-house purchasing, stock control and budget problems, as well as having daily deliveries of the goods they require.

Our big development recently has been our advancement in security printing. Currently, we print cheque books, giro books and statements for international banks, all fully managed in-house, from the blank piece of paper, to the end user receiving their banking documents.

We like to keep upto date with the latest technology innovations in printing and have a programme in place to regularly update our equipment. Aside from the investments we have made in new 4-colour Heidelberg presses and a variety of post-press equipment in the last two years, our most recent advances have been in pre-press hardware and software. We are now running the latest versions of all the major software applications needed for quality pre-press work on the fastest Quad-core Apple Mac Pro systems. In addition we have migrated to the latest chemical free CTP Suprasetter technology from Heidelberg which is great for the environment. Not only does this continual investement in technology ensure we are able to offer the best quality work to our clients, but it means that we can produce the work faster and more efficiently while keeping costs down through innovation.


  1. Your commitment to providing not just high-quality printing, but a dedicated service, speaks volumes about your values. It's admirable how you've managed to maintain a client-centric approach and consistently exceed expectations. The fact that you're deeply embedded in the hospitality industry showcases your understanding of the importance of customer satisfaction in that sector.

  2. Wow, I'm thoroughly impressed with the quality and efficiency of Graphico Printing Limited's services! The attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction truly set them apart in the printing industry. As someone who frequently requires high-quality prints for various projects, I've been consistently impressed with the results. Plus, their commitment to using cutting-edge technology, like the st6000dx000 storage solution, ensures that my digital files are always securely managed and readily accessible. Keep up the fantastic work, Graphico Printing Limited.