Thursday, July 24, 2008

The services we offer at Graphico

Our Services
At Graphico, we pride ourselves on being able to provide your company with a specifically tailored niche product to not only satisfy your everyday needs, but also help develop your product and service range to enable you to give your customers the attention they deserve.

Print Management:
There are many companies that will provide print management, however their services will only cover printed stock that they produce for you. At Graphico, we go the extra mile offering a full print and stock management service. With this bespoke service, we will dedicate an account manager to you who will assess your requirements and work with you to ensure that your needs are fulfilled, with daily deliveries of any of the products that we offer through our own logistics service. As our core business lies within the hospitality and service industries within the UK, we understand the need for smaller onsite storage, so with Graphico, you can opt to have us purchase and stock your goods at our warehouses, where it will be stored and then delivered to you as and how you require them. This will reduce your requirement for storage space, as well as simplifying your ordering process, as you only have to call or email us and receive your goods the next day.

Every organisation no matter how large or small can benefit from the services Graphico has to offer because what sets us apart from other companies is that we do not have a generic list of set services to offer you. Our account manager will meet and discuss with you what the best solution for your company is.

Hotel and Restaurant openings:
Through numerous customers putting their full trust in Graphico, we have become experts in managing the print and stationery requirements for hotels and restaurants that are either opening new or re-launching themselves into the marketplace with a fresh new look. By involving us at the planning stages, together we can ensure you have every base covered. Every new hotel or restaurant that Graphico has been a part of launching is currently on our portfolio, which is a testament of the quality, dedication and commitment that we offer.

Concept Development:
We are not just printers, we have an in-house team of designers and finishers who work together, to ensure the finished product exceeds the customers expectations. Starting from just a simple idea, our team at Graphico can work with you to turn the idea into a fully finished product. A service that we offer, depending on the type of job, is that we can provide you with an actual hard proof of your job so that you know exactly what you will receive when the product is delivered. This is useful to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your products, and is just another example of how you and Graphico can be more productive together.

Data Management:
We know that random direct mail cannot only be expensive but also useless if not accurate to the receiver. Therefore, at Graphico we are able to manage your databases, ensuring that they are maintained for accuracy and completeness. This allows us to provide solutions that fit with your customer contact strategy. Using our digital variable data printing services you can ensure that your customers receive specific marketing material based on their needs and more importantly, their wants. The targeted use of valuable customer data has enabled our clients to gain a much higher ROI from their direct marketing activities, whilst ensuring the end customer receives something of value to them.

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